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OSHA Certifications

This site gives you the full breakdown of what regulations apply to which industry. This information can be used to help find the perfect boots, hard hat, safety glasses, and safety harness that complies with your company.

Shoe Sizing Guide

This print-out-guide from will help you measure and select the correct size of shoes or boots.

Avoiding Hard Hat Hair

Does your job require you to wear a hard hat, but you're concerned about how your hair looks after you take the hard hat off? Take a look at these quick tips on how to reduce hard hat hair

Waterproofing Boots

Buying a brand new pair of boots is an investment and we're here to give you some tips on waterproofing for life extension!

Glove Investment

Hand protection is important to reduce the risk of injury while working. It is critical to invest in high quality as well as protection.

Work Like a Man - Look Like a Woman

Gone are the days where women tried fit into bulky men's clothing, boots, and accessories. Women's clothing styles have transitioned into stylish products made specifically for working women.

The Safety Girl

Follow The SafetyGirl on Facebook and stay up to date with trends and new information pertaining to women’s clothing and safety on the jobsite.

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