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Work Shorts

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  1. Gray

    Dickies Women's 10" Relaxed Fit Cargo Shorts - FR327

    SKU: GRLSHRW1000043850
    $29.99 $26.99
  2. Asphalt

    Carhartt Women's El Paso Relaxed Fit Printed Work Shorts - 102532

    SKU: CSGSHRW1000045059
    $49.99 $39.99
  3. Black

    Dickies Women's 10" Relaxed Fit Stretch Twill Shorts - FR604

    SKU: GRLSHRW1000043851
    $37.99 $18.99
  4. Dark Antique

    Dickies Women's 13" Slim Fit Stretch 5-Pocket Shorts - FR332

    SKU: GRLSHRW1000043852
    $53.99 $26.99

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4 Item(s)

Spring and Summer are great because of the warmer temperatures, sun, vacationing, and outdoorsy activities. However, we know how difficult it can be to get comfortable working in the heat - stop the sweaty struggle and try a pair of durable, lightweight work shorts! We offer the best quality shorts from Carhartt and Dickies with different styling like Relaxed Fit, Modern Fit, Stretch, Twill, and Cargo. We carry different lengths to accommodate your needs - some of our shorts even have adjustable inseams! Try a pair today and keep cool.

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