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Hydrographic Hard Hats

The Rugged Blue Custom Hydro Dipped Hard Hats are created using a water immersion method that applies the printed design to the three-dimensional surface. The hydrographic process can be used on plastic, metal, glass, hard woods, and other materials. During the process, the hard hats go through an extensive painting process: surface prep, priming, painting, and clear coating. After the surface is painted (before clear coating) the hard hat is ready to be processed with the polyvinyl alcohol film that has the graphic image incorporated. The hard hat is carefully placed on the water's surface in the dipping tank. Once the dipping process has begun the surface tension of the water will allow the patterned film to curve around the hat. The hard hat is then rinsed off and the ink is securely adhered and will not wash off. The final step is applying the clear coat to protect the surface and add longevity to the hard hat. Our Hydrographic Hard Hats are created by highly trained experts to ensure quality, longevity, and uniqueness. Please note that film placement on the hard hat may vary.