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Various manufacturers make work boots and safety shoes for women, including many of the top brands of safety footwear. Names like Carhartt, Caterpillar, Carolina, Dickies, and Timberland all include women's sizes in their selection of safety boots and shoes. As women work in industrial workplaces, be it in construction or chemical handling, they, too, need adequate foot protection. Our selection of safety boots for women at Safety Girl includes both soft and steel toe boots, with the latter including many ASTM standard boots and shoes. Whether you choose a pair of Timberland boots or Carolina safety shoes, the products we carry are suited to a number of workplace needs.

Regardless of the brand you choose, all steel toe safety boots and shoes for women have an ASTM rating. This is based on the toughness and strength of the steel toe, as well as other protective properties like slip resistance and electric hazard protection. Logger boots fall into this category, as well as any general leather boot or shoe with a steel toe. Similarly, we have many brands for soft toe safety boots for women, as well. While soft toe boots in general aren't rated, they often have slip resistance, a waterproof surface, and static dissipative properties. Browse the wide selection below and find some hard-working women's boots made just for you!