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First Aid

No girl should ever leave home without there very own Safety Girl kit. Our kits are designed to provide you with whatever venture you may take and no matter what situation you face. Safety Girl's first aid and roadside emergency kits put your mind at ease whenever you head out alone. With basic first aid materials and aids, emergency orange triangles, jumper cables, and tools, you will be fully prepared should you wind up stranded in your vehicle until help arrives. Our signature Safety Girl kits make for the perfect bride or bridesmaid gift and include all the essentials, hair spray, chewing gum, tissues, chapstick, and so much more. These kits can fit perfectly in your purse or glove box so there's no reason you can't take them with you anywhere you go!

All of the safety products for women at Safety are about going out. Whether you'll need protection with pepper spray or need a touch up, all of our items and kits in this category are geared for going out. While pepper spray and keychain flashlights are useful for anytime during the night - and possibly the day - our Ladies Night Out kits combine various necessities into one pink mesh bag. Regardless of whether you need to clip a stray nail or freshen up after dinner out, all social and appearance safety item are contained within a kit that can be kept in your car.