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Pepper Spray Guns

The latest generation of patented technology pepper spray guns and blasters deliver multiple shots of potent pepper spray solution at 90mph. This reduces the risk of blow-back and ensures you will disable your attacker. We strongly suggest you test out the products on the paper targets before an emergency using the water filled practice units and refills. This will ensure that you are confident to use the product should an emergency occur.

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A mace gun is considered the most effective method for protecting yourself. Each mace pepper spray gun has a small gun and handle, as well as a holster for carrying, and inside the gun is a pepper mace cartridge. When an attacker approaches, one of these guns can be taken out and used to shoot up to 25 feet away, either straight or at an angle. Safety Girl carries these mace pepper guns, as well as the parts for them. Purchase a holster and various replacement cartridges at our store for your mace pepper gun, including practice water cartridges.

Keep yourself protected with the Mace Gun or Kimber Pepper Blaster. With an effective range up to 25 feet, you give yourself that extra space to get away from your attacker. Check the cool accessories and refills.

Pepper Spray cannot be shipped to these states: New York, Massachusetts, Alaska and Hawaii.

Due to postal restrictions, pepper spray cannot be shipped via the United States Postal Service. Pepper spray cannot be shipped via any air services.