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About Safety Girl

Welcome to Safety Girl, the source for emergency kits and supplies to meet women's safety and emergency needs!

Safety Girl is run for women, by women, so we know what a girl needs to handle any emergency situation with grace and style. A woman's safety is important on the job or when she goes out, and that's why we have a variety of safety products and kits, including pepper spray, for emergency situations. Many safety products exist on the market, but are they geared toward women? From safety gear in women's sizes to the Original Safety Girl Kit for roadside emergencies, all items in our store are designed for a woman's needs.

Out of our selection of women's safety products, we have put together several emergency kits. Our most popular is the Original Safety Girl Kit, which is geared toward roadside emergencies. Each kit, with a combination of first aid items and tools for basic automobile emergencies, has sufficient automobile and personal safety products in case such a situation arises. We have other women's emergency kits, as well, including night out safety kits and bridal emergency kits, both with relevant backup items for the respective situations.

One safety product you should always have on hand is pepper spray, which is sold in our store. As a place to buy pepper spray, we have pink pepper spray keychains so you can carry your main form of protection inconspicuously. While each pepper spray keychain has up to 25 uses, we have the one of the strongest brands, Sabre, on the market.

In addition to safety products, we have a large selection of women's safety gear. Construction and other industrial occupations may be male-dominated fields, but women work in them, too, and need adequate protection for the job. We carry top-brands in this category, such as Carhartt and Dickies, and popular pink safety gear, such as hard hats and tool belts. When you need safety gear that fits you, our women's hard hats, safety glasses, and tool belts will accommodate your needs for the job.